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Alderville First Nation Profile

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Table 15 - Taxation
Alderville is a First Nation community. Land is held in trust by Her Majesty, the Queen (i.e. Canada), in perpetuity, for the benefit of the Mississauga First Nation of the Ogemawah Tribal Council. The historical basis for this arrangement is the Mississaugas' surrender of control over millions of acres of land in Southern Ontario in the 1700s.
In First Nations culture, the peoples' relationship to land is one of stewardship, not ownership. The reflection of this principle in tax law is that property taxes in the usual municipal context do not apply.
The Band and its members are primarily interested in ventures that preserve and capitalize on the cultural, historic and natural assets of its People and the Reserve. Whole or majority interest of any business or industrial venture on Reserve land must reside with one or more Band members, or by the Band itself, as represented by Council. Native financing is available.

For more general information about taxes in Canada, the Province of Ontario and the municipalities of Northumberland County, please refer to the County Overview.

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