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Town of Cobourg Profile

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Table 06 - Research Base
(within 80 km / 60 miles of Northumberland County)
Name City County Sector Speciality R & D Personnel Total Employees
Lakefield Research Peterborough Peterborough Corporate Environmental Sciences, mining 300 300
Nortel Belleville Prince Edward Corporate Telecommunications, Multimedia   200
Trent University Peterborough Peterborough University Environmental Sciences 50  
IBM, GEAC, Allergan Humphrey Research Markham   Corporate Hardware, software, micro-electronics    
Kraft Foods Cobourg Northumberland Corporate Food, bioscience   200
Chemcraft Port Hope Northumberland Corporate Paint, lacquers 10 100

Same table for:   Northumberland County Cramahe Township
Alderville First Nation Hamilton Township
Alnwick-Haldimand Port Hope
Brighton Trent Hills

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