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Municipality of Port Hope Profile

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Table 17 - Utilities
Water & Sewer
Water Availability
Major Source 70% Lake Ontario (urban area)
30% Well & Septic (rural)
Water Treatment
Name of Provider Port Hope Waterworks
Rated Capacity (mgd) 3.1
Average Daily Demand (mgd) 1.7
Peak Demand (mgd) n/a
Chemical Breakdown of Water
Water Quality test results
Cost (cents per cubic metre): first 342 cu metres) 0.716
Cost (all above 3422 cu metres) 0.427
Water Connection Fee n/a
source:, Ed Symons 905-885-2209
Sewer Treatment
Name of Provider Port Hope Public Works
Rated Capacity (mgd) 2.4
Average Daily Flow (mgd) 1.3
Cost (cents per cubic metre of water consumption): first 342 cu metres) 0.658
Cost: next 1023 cu m 0.695
Cost: over 1365 cu m 0.748

Electric Power
Name of Company Veridian Connections
Communities Served Port Hope
Company-Net Importer or Exporter of Power n/a
% of Reserve Margin Including Generation & Net Purchases n/a
Name of Power Pool Membership n/a
State Electric Power Deregulated (yes or no, if yes provide date) deregulation scheduled for May 2002
Average Cost per kWh (cents) Small Medium
  50 kW & 18,000 kWh 300 kW & 140,000 kWh
Service (per month) $3.62 $55.63
Distribution $0.0067
(per kWh)
(per kW)
Power (per kWh) $0.07895 $0.07895
Power (per kW)   $5.08990
Source: Doug Gray, Veridian Connections 1-888-420-0070 x2204

Natural Gas - where available (urban areas only)
Name of Provider Union Gas
Small Volume General Firm Service (01)
Monthly Customer Charge $10.00
Commodity and Fuel (cents per cubic metre) 0.16213
Transportation 0.06642
Inventory rider (charged Jan - March) 0.08492
Delivery (first 100 cu m) 0.11890
Next 200 cu m 0.10986
Next 200 cu m 0.10525
Next 500 cu m 0.09989
All over 1,000 cu m 0.08228
Large Volume General Firm Service (10)
Monthly Customer Charge $50.00
Commodity and Fuel (cents per cubic metre) 0.16213
Transportation (Winter) 0.06589
Inventory rider (charged Jan - March) 0.08492
Transportation (Summer) 0.04589
Delivery (first 1000 cu m) 0.09560
Next 9,000 cu m 0.07134
Next 20,000 cu m 0.05790
Next 70,000 cu m 0.04915
All over 100,000 cu m 0.02324
Small Volume Interruptible Service (16)
Monthly Customer Charge $70.00
Gas Supply Charge - Winter 0.23827
Gas Supply Charge - Summer 0.19649
Inventory rider (charged Jan - March) 0.08492
Delivery (per cubic metre delivered) 0.05253
Large Volume Interruptible Service (25)
Monthly Customer Charge $190.00
Supply - min. winter $80.80
Supply - max winter $476.74
Supply - min year-round $80.80
Supply - max year-round $443.42
Delivery (min) $9.00
Delivery (max) $7.00

# of Local Service Providers Bell Canada only
# of Long Distance Service Providers varies by location
# of Cellular service providers Rogers/Cantel, Bell Mobility, Sprint
Local Service Provider: Bell Canada
Switch Technology is Digital or Analog digital
Fiber Service Provided no
Monitored Remotely or On-Site remotely
ISDN Availability in selected locations

Business Support Services (#)
Tool & Die 15 in County
more within business range
Machine Shop 11
Welding 9
Office Equipment Service & Repair 6
Temporary Employment Services 2

Post Office
Postal Code group = "Forward Sortation Area" (first 3 characters) L1A
Main Postal Station Port Hope
Sorting Facility most often used for non-local mail Toronto
Service Delivery Standard
Local Mail* 2 business days or less
Same Province 3 business days or less
Between Provinces 4 business days or less
*includes Campbellcroft (L0A), Elizabethville, Newtonville and Kendal

Same table for: Northumberland County Cobourg
Alderville First Nation Cramahe Township
Alnwick-Haldimand Hamilton Township
Brighton Trent Hills

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