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Municipality of Port Hope Profile

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Table 19 - Government
Municipal Government - The Municipality of Port Hope
# of Elected Officials 7
Mayor (Jan 2001-Dec2003) Rick Austin
Years in Office 12 as Councillor
Next Election Date Fall 2003
Chief Administrative Officer Mike Rostetter

County Government
# of Elected Officials 7 (mayors & reeves of the towns in the County)
Top Elected Officials
Name Jim Williams
Title Reeve
Years in Office 9 years in municipal politics
Next Election Date (Reeve chosen by County Council) 2003
Chief Administrative Officer position vacant

Provincial Government (equivalent of State)
1999 election results Seats Held % of vote
Progressive Conservative 59 45%
Liberal 35 40%
New Democratic Party 9 13%
Other seats 0 3%
Total 103  
Local Representative
(Member of Provincial Parliament)
Dr. Doug Galt,
Progressive Conservative
Provincial Premier Mr. Ernie Eves
Current Term Expiration Date 2004 latest
Allowed to Run for Another Term (Yes or No) yes
Next Election Date 2004 latest

Canadian Government
2000 election results Seats Held % of vote
Liberal 161 41%
Reform 58 26%
Bloc Quebecois 44 11%
New Democratic Party 19 9%
Progressive Conservative 15 12%
Other seats 4 2%
Total 301 12,857,77
Member of Parliament
(Federal Government Representative)
Mr. Paul Macklin
Years in Office 2
Current Term Expiration Date expected 2004
Next Election Date expected 2004
Canadian Senator serving area Mr. Jim Tunney
Years in Office 1
Current Term Expiration Date at age 75
Next Election Date appointed, not elected

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