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Rural Jobs Strategy
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Premier's Task Force on Rural Economimc Renewal
Premier's Task Force on Rural Economimc Renewal
Agricultural Advisory Committee (Paul Macklin, MP)

 Community Profile

Active Projects

Northumberland Agricultural Initiatives

This project, led by a Steering Committee comprised of municipal and OMAFRA Economic Development staff, and agricultural representatiion from the Northumberland Federation of Agriculture and Rural Agri-Ventures, was funded by Industry Canada's CARCI project and was executed by NEP staff. It has three key elements:

  • Community consultations - to identify economic development initiatives that could be undertaken to strengthen the agricultural and agri-business sectors
  • Compilation of an agricultural and agri-business resource / business directory
  • Acton plans for bringing projects identified during the community consultations to fruition.

Completed Projects

Regional Community Profile

Funded by the Program for Export Market Development, the Northumberland Economic Partnership and its research associates compiled the complete Industry Canada / CUED Community Profile for Northumberland in 2002. This Profile is sufficiently granular to be relevant to each member community as well as to Northumberland.

Once compiled, the data will be made available in a variety of formats to support regional marketing activities.

This project is supported by Northumberland County, and is steered by Economic Development Professionals from the Quinte Area Economic Development Commission, the Alderville First Nation, the Municipality of Trent Hills, the Town of Cobourg and the Municipality of Port Hope

Rural Jobs Strategy

Spirit of the Hills
Community Partners: Northumberland Artisans Tour, Westben Arts Festival Theatre, Spirit of the Hills and File Factory
This is a coordinated marketing campaign to speed the growth of the arts community and strengthen its role as a major source of tourism income. By tying artists, artisans, events and venues together, this partnership expands the business of delivering arts and culture to residents of the local area and to visitors to the County.

Tour the Country in the County
Partners: Heritage Shores Association, Northumberland Hills Bed & Breakfasts, Kawartha Lakes Spirit Walk, Rice Lake Navigation, Eastview Farms, Apple Route, River Country
This project is a marketing co-operative to develop and expand customized group tours for the Canadian, American, European and Pacific Rim markets. It will introduce local and aboriginal heritage/history to foreign markets. The participants include tourism associations and venues that will be expanded upon to ensure that Northumberland offers tourist destinations that are competitive on a world-class stage.

Heritage in Northumberland County
Partners: Cobourg Military Museum, Wesleyville Village, Farini Circus Museum, Roseneath Carousel, Cobourg Library Historical Achieves and Barnum House
This partnership will support projects that focus on the heritage of the region. Funding will be used for marketing and planning..

Apple harvest - County of Northumberland stock photo

Tourism Events for All Seasons
Partners: Township of Percy, Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival, Strawberry Festival, Walsh, Warkworth Rodeo, Rural Ramble, Fall Fairs and Northumberland Lights
This project brings together six tourism special events in Northumberland County to develop and implement a joint marketing strategy.

Revitalizing Downtown Northumberland
Partners: Town of Cobourg (West Harbor ), Campbellford Waterfront, Campbellford River Inn, Cobourg Central Harbour, Cobourg Victoria Square, Colborne Main Street, Gores Landing, Hastings Waterfront, Port Hope Waterfront, Rice Lake Waterfront and Warkworth Downtown
This project is dedicated to restoring the natural environment and historical downtown centre for future generations. The revitalization of the main streets and waterfront will greatly enhance the existing waterfront and/or downtown amenities, act as a catalyst for additional private sector development and long term investment, complement the vital tourism industry in Northumberland County, and will work to address and to clean up some environmental problems.


Relocation Guide

Northumberland Publishers has partnered with selected municipalities in Northumberland County to produce a Relocation Guide for families moving to the area.

Impact of Agriculture

This study, completed in 2002, details the economic impact of agriculture in Northumberland County. It is one in a series covering all major agricultural areas in Ontario, produced under contract to the Ontario Federation of Agriculture. Excellent background for anyone wishing to familiarize themselves with the agricultural sector.

Connect Ontario

What came first: bandwidth or content? This groupis betting on the content side of the question. Connect Ontario is a Provincial programme that supports the development of high bandwidth applications by municipalities, non-governmental organizations and non-profit groups.

Research, Innovation and Technology Committee

The volunteer Committee produced a report for Paul Macklin, Liberal MP for Northumberland, on the subject of research, innovation and technology - capabilities and requirements. Specific topics addressed included:

  • Broadband
  • Non-profit sector communications
  • ITER
  • Economic Development
    (Centres of Excellence)

Premier's Task Force on Rural Economic Renewal

Chaired by Northumberland MPP Doug Galt, this Task Force identified the issues and challenges affecting renewal of the rural economy and suggested innovative solutions to deal with these issues.

Agricultural Advisory Committee

Report prepared for Paul Macklin, MP, by members of the agricultural community in Northumberland County.

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