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The Municipality of Trent Hills Profile

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Table 18 - Environmental Regulations
Oak Ridges Moraine - Special note
A significant portion of Northumberland County is located on the Oak Ridges Moraine, the shore of a prehistoric lake. The Moraine is an important natural feature that filters groundwater and controls water flow for the north shore of Lake Ontario. Development on the Moraine is under a moratorium until at least 2012; it is expected that strong environmental protection legislation will be enacted during that time. The Moraine area is therefore best suited to sensitive, low-impact recreational and environmental (eco-tourism) uses. Agricultural, residential, resource extraction and industrial areas are available outside the boundaries of the Moraine.

Area in Attainment for Air Pollution Regulations
Ozone Yes
Carbon Monoxide Yes
Particular Matter Yes
Lead Yes
Sulfur Dioxide Yes
Nitrogen Dioxide Yes
Air Quality is monitored by the Provincial Ministry of the Environment. The closest monitoring stations are located in Oshawa (30 miles west of County seat) and Peterborough (30 miles north).

Average Permit Approval Time From Date of Completed Routine Application
Air Permit 3 months
Water Permit 3 months
Hazardous Waste Permit (generator number*) 3+ months
(Environmental Assessment may be req'd)
Nearest Licensed Hazardous Waste Disposal Site Gary Stacey Dismantling Ltd.
Cramahe Township
PCBs only
# of Licensed Hazardous Waste Haulers Serving the Area 5
* Each business applies to the Province annually for a "generator number" that details the nature of the material produced, and the company's plans to dispose of it, using licensed carriers above.
Ministry of Environment contact: Michael Longpre 1-800-558-0595

Landfill Location (s) Capacity Left at Current Site(s) Municipalities Served Contact
Brighton Landfill yes serving all Northumberland 613-475-1946
Seymour Landfill yes serving all Northumberland 705-653-4757
Bewdley Transfer Station transfer station only serving all Northumberland 905-342-2514
Hope Transfer Station transfer station only serving Port Hope's Ward 2 905-753-2230

Same table for: Northumberland County Cobourg
Alderville First Nation Cramahe Township
Alnwick-Haldimand Hamilton Township
Brighton Port Hope

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