Norval Morrisseau

    He started to paint in 1959, after he received a "vision" telling him to do so.  He is the first Indian to break the tribal rules of setting down Indian legends in picture form for the white man to see and the first Indian to actually draw these legends and design representative shapes to illustrate his folklore. For a look at some of Mr. Morrisseau different pieces of work, click on the picture. 


Phillip Young 

    Trodden path the caribou left somewhere in the past.  The day comes to a close.  Paths linger fainting whispers on my mind.  Wondering what they mean as they were being made.  The caribou is gone but the tracks are still here.


Ingrid Seyffer

    Ingrid was born just before World War II near Stuttgart, Germany.  After her family's emigration to Canada in 1958 and her marriage in 1963, she concentrated on her childhood aspiration painting.  Inspired in the works of Emil Nolde, the German Expressionist, and courses in sculpturing and life drawing at Georgian Collage.  Currently there are over 500 of Ingrid's works across the world.


Zoltan Perlmutter

    He was born in Deva, Rumania (then Transylvania), in 1922.  He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cluj and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest.  In 1950 Perlmutter emigrated to Israel.  In 1952 he had his first major exhibition in Israel.  Since the 1960's he has held over 40 showings on three continents.


Joseph Ijaky

    Romanian born Israeli artist, who has exhibited in New York and is virtually an unknown on the North American Continent.  The artist lives in Montreal.  He has created 30 scenes of the holy lands, many of them combining religious symbolism with unusually distinct impressions of the mid-east landscape. 


J.G.M. Brennan

   Brennan has participated in group shows, some of which include the Gallerie d'Art Vincent, on the rue Hotel de Ville in Hull, Quebec, and in Toronto Galleries such as Campbell's Gallery of Fine Art, the Hayden Street Tate Gallery, the Blue Easel Gallery and Queen Street Davidson Gallery of Fine Art.  Although most of Brennan's work has been sold privately, he does not elaborate on it for the reason "A painter should be known for what he is doing at present and what he is capable of doing in the future, and not so much as to what he has done in the past.


Roy Thomas

   Roy Thomas is Ojibway-born artist who has dedicated his time to learning the ways of his people.  His style reflects traditional life and at the same time serves to instill pride in us all.


Gelineau Fisher

   Paints in a room trapline shack where he is close to his spirit.  There he is able to communicate his message as his mind, body, and spirit are at home together.



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