Northumberland County Riders

Code of Conduct for all participants, coaches and spectators


1.      The Judge’s decision regarding placing is final


2.      It is the responsibility of all riders and coaches to check the NCR website or notice board (located on the show grounds on the north side of the entry booth) to understand the class list, class descriptions, rules and regulations under which the NCR Horse Club operates.


3.      Should you have a question, comment or concern regarding the operation of an NCR show, please address them to the members of the show executive during the show day, or e-mail them to


4.      Coaching from the fence is not permitted, however a brief comment to a rider concerning a matter of safety is acceptable


5.      All riders, coaches and participants will adhere to NCR’s code of conduct towards all others, including the executive and volunteers. Any reported or witnessed infraction will be followed by dismissal from the show grounds


6.      All riders, coaches and participants will treat horses with respect and compassion. Any reported or witnessed abuse will be followed by dismissal from the show grounds.


Participants Name (please print): __________________________________________

Participant Signature:                   ___________________________________________

Guardian (if under 17yrs)           ___________________________________________

Date:                                           ____________________________________________