All riders must fill out entry forms and waivers of liability.

Riders may be asked to provide proof of liability insurance or proof of OEF membership for insurance purposes.

Youth riders must have their entry form signed by a parent or guardian.

A youth is considered to be anyone who is 17 years of age and under as of January 1st of the current calendar year.

All Youth English and Western riders must wear an approved SEI/ASTM helmet with harness fastened at all times while mounted. This rule pertains to all areas of the show grounds including the parking area, warm-up area and show arena.  Helmet inspections may take place during a show and anyone not wearing an approved helmet will not be allowed to enter the show arena. Adult Western riders may wear a cowboy hat except in Pole Bending or Barrels.  No prejudice will be shown against Adult Western riders who wish to wear a helmet in any pleasure or horsemanship class. Body Protectors are encouraged in all classes, but not required.

Boots with a heel must be worn at all times while mounted.

Ribbons up to 6th place will be presented.

Enter and Exit the show arena at a walk.

Enter the warm up area at a walk. No lunging in the warm up area- unless the area is clear of other horses.

Inappropriate or abusive outbursts from spectators or riders will result in immediate dismissal from the property.

Unruly horses may be excused from the show ring at the Judge's discretion. Outside of the show ring is at the club's discretion.

Dogs are not permitted on the property.

Coaching from the rail while a class is in progress is not permitted, however if it is a matter of safety, a brief comment made to a rider is acceptable.

Classes may be combined if there are less than three entries, or split if there are more than 15 entries at the club's discretion.

A green horse is a horse in its first or second year of showing.

Youth riders may not show stallions in any class.

The Judge's decision regarding placing is final.

A fall during any class will result in elimination from that class. You are not allowed to remount your horse when exiting the show ring.



NCR Horse Club - English Rules (including tack)

Saddles may be leather or synthetic in black or brown with either square or fitted saddle pad, as desired.

Bridles may be leather or synthetic in black or brown. We also accept bitless bridles except mechanical hackimores.

Acceptable bits include Snaffle, Pelham, Kimberwick, or (if Saddle Seat) double bridles.

Only Cavesson nosebands may be worn in Hunter, or Equitation classes.

Crops must not be used in Equitation classes.

Running or standing martingales may be worn in all classes over fences. They may not be used in pleasure, equitation, hunter hack or pairs classes.

Leg protection is permitted in jumper and gaming classes only.

Riders are expected to be neatly attired, with English or Saddle Seat show attire. Jackets are mandatory unless excused by the Club in hot weather. If jackets are excused, riders must wear a shirt with sleeve.

Breastplates, spurs (un-roweled) and crops are optional.

Braiding of mane and/or tail is optional but encouraged.










NCR Horse Club - Western Rules

Horses to be shown in a western saddle and western bridle.

Horses - five years old and younger may be shown in a snaffle bit or Bosal and ridden two handed. Horses - six years and older are to be shown in a curb bit (solid or broken mouth piece), one handed. Horses older than five years shown in a snaffle bit must be ridden with one hand. Shanks not to exceed 9 1/2 inch in length. Chain chin straps are permissible, must be at least 1/2 inch wide. Split reins or Rommel reins may be used. In speed events (pole bending or barrels) riders may use a snaffle bit and ride either one or two handed.


Any bit (excluding mechanical hackamores) allowed in Open Trail Horse suitable to the discipline. Western riders to use western rules and English riders to use English rules.

Bits are to be dropped at the Judge's discretion. We also accept bitless bridles excluding mechanical hackamores.

No crops, quirts, end of reins, hands or excessive spurring to make a horse perform, will be allowed in performance classes. Riding crops may be used in timed events.

Martingales or tie downs are prohibited in performance classes, but they may be used in timed events.

Leg protection is only permitted in speed event classes.

Riders to be neatly dressed in suitable western show attire.

A shirt with a sleeve must be worn in games classes (pole bending, barrels and keyhole)