As part of the commitment to educate, beautify, encourage visitation, and extend the benefits of the gardens to all members of the communities, the Ecology Gardens include the following projects:

  • A number of Workshops are offered during the growing season, such as; Making Stepping Stones, Weaving with Natural Materials, Designing a Garden, Teaching and demonstrations of ecological gardening principles.

  • Guided Tours

  • Hands-on Information sessions, e.g. Linking the Ecology Gardens with the classroom.

The Port Hope Heritage Ecology Garden has also extended its activities to develop:

  • A Heritage Garden at the Ganaraska Archives Building

  • A garden for residents at the Port Hope Villa

  • A garden for the residents of the Community Nursing Home, started in 2001.

  • A Field Study Centre (Tree and Shrub Nursery): In collaboration with the students and staff of Trinity College School, this is being developed on College property. Plans are also underway for the development of a slat house for both educational support of College students, and research into the preservation and propagation of native tree and shrub species.   

Cutting the Grass at the Tree & Shrub Nursery

Future developments:

  • Development of the gardens to encourage and demonstrate greater accessibility for seniors.
  • Beautifying more areas of the community, e.g. Public park areas, streets, retirement residences, school yards etc.
  • Extending benefits for seniors and physically challenged, by creating accessible gardens designed both to enhance their surroundings and to encourage them to participate in the development of these gardens.
1.Introduction 2. Ecological Gardening
3.The Organizations
4. The Cobourg Ecology Garden 
5. The Port Hope Heritage Ecology Garden
6. Other Projects 7. Special Events
8. The Natural Homestead Tour 
9. The 2002 Season in the Gardens 10. More Info